Cancellation Notice of CEIF 2017

//Cancellation Notice of CEIF 2017

The “Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair-2017” has been cancelled.

Given below is the letter from the President of the Association.

(The same has been intimated to all Exhibitors and Members of AIPTIA via. an email)


Date: 29th Nov 2016

Dear Exhibitors/Members,

AIPTIA’s ambitious trade & industry show the “Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair-2017”, (CEIF 2017) which was scheduled to be held from 5-6-7 January 2017 at “INDIA EXPO CENTRE”, in Greater Noida, New Delhi – NCR.

It was really heartening to have received the overwhelming support and backing of many of our exhibitors and the industry per se for this premier imaging expo. As soon as the bookings opened many of you had booked the stall and confirmed their participation, and we are delighted to inform you that almost all the stalls were already booked. AIPTIA (All India Photography Trade & Industry Association) is thankful to all the exhibitors and participants for their overwhelming support to CEIF2017.

However, as all of you are aware that on the 8th of November, 2016 our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji announced the demonetisation of our currency. As such the higher denomination notes in the Rs 500/- and Rs 1,000/- currency was demonetised and the same cannot be used in our day to day transactions but can only be exchanged within certain limits at designated counters. In addition, the same can also be deposited into their respective bank accounts on or before 30th December 2016, provided they are accounted cash in their books of accounts.

On account of this demonetisation, we all have noticed that for the past 20 days or so, the unprecedented rush and queues at the gates of all the banks across the country, this has affected our “Imaging Industry”, which is so heavily dependent on events, is likely to take a huge hit with photographers and videographers being seriously affected for want of cash.

In the present scenario, we believe that after taking into account our assessment and after receiving all the necessary feedback from various places, we feel that in this peak wedding season expenditures have been considerably down-sized to reduce cash expenses given the short supply of the currency.  As such our Imaging industry is severely impacted and given the prevailing situation it is likely to take some more time to return to normalcy. Importantly, it is to be noted that the public at large have reduced their consumption and are holding on to their cash of all the sizes of the currency and are spending it only when it is absolutely necessary.

As such after taking into consideration the current situation and given the prevailing cash crunch, we regret to inform you that the “Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair-2017” stands cancelled. In fact, we are in the process for arranging to refund the full amount paid by all the exhibitors for this premier event.  In the meantime, we request all the exhibitors to send in their bank details to enable us to do the RTGS, so as to refund their paid amount accordingly.

Furthermore, the visitors are requested to also take note that the “Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair-2017”, consumer trade & industry fair stands cancelled and they are requested to cancel their travel arrangements and plans accordingly.

The Association will keep you informed as and when we undertake such activity in future.  Thank you very much for your understanding and co-operation in this difficult economic situation.


Best Regards,

Jayesh Mehta


All India Photographic Trade & Industry Association

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