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//Register For CEIF-2018


All the roads lead to Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon, Mumbai 400063 from January 9-12, 2018.  Why?  AIPTIA conducts its 26th release of electronic imaging and photography exhibition, titled Consumer Electronic Imaging fair – 2018 (CEIF-2018). What is the big deal, why one should not miss CEIF-2018? The following Questions and answers will throw light why everyone must attend this great exhibition.

What is CEIF?

CEIF refers to the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair, which provides a vast meeting place for the all those people, ranging from individual freelancers to big traders and multinational industrialists, to meet each other in their business and exchange technical know how and expertise for betterment of their trade, profession and entrepreneurship.

The exhibition combines both electronic imaging and photography, generating unlimited employment opportunity through trade and services. Besides photography products and services, this exhibition will showcase the latest innovation in electronic imaging. It has been the most talked about exhibition through the length and breadth of the country.

Who organizes this Fair?

All India Photographic Trade & Industry Association (AIPTIA), a non-profit making democratic setup, which has been in the field for over four decades. Aiptia created a great platform of the industry “CEIF” in India.  It has conducted so far 25 fairs alternatively in Delhi and Mumbai. It ploughs back the surplus accumulated through conduct of such fairs for further development of the Trade and Industry. It does not stop just providing business opportunities but it also proceeds in creating recreational and educational support through Photo Gallery, Workshops and seminars.

What is the volume of the Fair?

It will cover over 20,000 SQM of area and will run for duration of 4 days. On an average 20,000 to 25,000 enthusiasts will throng the venue every day. On display, there will be wares and services right from individual entrepreneurs to big traders and multinational companies such as Sony, HP, Canon, Tamron, Samsung, Panasonic, Konika, Epson, Fuji, Kodak Carl Zeiss Manffroto and many Industry leaders.

Who must visit the Fair?

People who have ambitions to:-

  1. Become freelancing photographers
  2. Set up photo studios or color labs
  3. Trade photo imaging and photography goods and services

Thus, it provides employment/business opportunities to people from all walks of life, whether with nil investment or with investment of millions of rupees.

SO, WHY WAIT. Login and registers your visit to the mega fair online for hassle free entry 8 and enjoyment of the fair.

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